Is your once-charming landscape now a jungle of overgrown plants? It might be time to consider a landscape makeover. Overgrown landscapes not only detract from your home’s curb appeal but also pose maintenance challenges and limit functional outdoor space.

Over time, even the best-designed landscapes begin to show their age. Some landscape elements outgrow the spaces that they were intended to occupy. They begin to encroach on your home, driveway, walkways, or other living landscaping. In some cases, trees and shrubs simply run their course and are no longer as vital or healthy as they once were.

Updating your property with fresh landscaping is an economical way to revitalize and reinvent your outdoor space.

Refreshing your landscape plantings can breathe new life into overgrown or worn-down areas. When working with a landscape professional on a renovation project, attention should be given to several factors.

Plant selection is key to a successful landscape replacement project.

How Do You Use Your Property:
Landscapes should be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The way you utilize your outdoor space is of paramount importance when planning a landscape refresh.

Mature Size:
A common DIY mistake we see involves planting too densely and not taking into account the mature size of trees and shrubs. Landscape plantings can live for years, so it’s important to plant with their mature size in mind.

Changing Planting Conditions:
As the overall landscape matures, sunlight and water conditions evolve. An area of your property may have been full sun 5 years ago but is now shaded by maturing trees. Refreshing your landscape plantings gives you an opportunity to plant the right specimen in the right location.

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