Frequently Asked Questions

Assuming you follow proper watering guidelines and use premium grade grass seeds, nutrient-poor soil and/or compacted soil may be the issue.

Your soil may need to be analyzed and based on that analysis we can treat it so that with time and care, you too will have a nice thick green lawn.

Core Aeration is a service we strongly recommend doing each year. Our specialized equipment removes plugs of turf breaking up the layer of dead grass (thatch) that is created over time. This process allows more water, oxygen, and nutrients to nourish the roots of your lawn.

Lawn Grubs are an immature form of a beetle. Grubs are small and white in color. During the hot temperatures, they will feast on the root system of your lawn. Grubs can devastate your lawn if left untreated.

If you see small patches of discolored grass then this is an indication that your lawn may have grubs.

Northeast Landscape uses effective treatments to prevent and eliminate grubs that hatch and eat your lawn’s roots.

If you think that your lawn may have a grub problem, give Northeast Landscape a call at 978-794-1010.

Northeast Landscape Contractors has been in business for over 30 years. We are a full-service business operating in the Merrimack Valley. Because we are full-service, you don’t have to hire separate companies for lawn care, landscaping, fertilization, hardscape projects, and irrigation…you simply just call us to do it all.

We continually invest in our people, equipment, and fleet to ensure you have a consistent and professional result each time. As a customer-focused company, we are proud of our high rating, year in and year out, on Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, Google, and more!

Contact us today at 978-794-1010 to schedule a property walk-through and custom proposal.

While we don’t provide financing directly, we have partnered with a third party to offer you a financing solution. Please Click Here to get more information.

Yes, we do. While a flea problem can be quite unsettling, ticks pose a very real health threat for people and pets. It is well documented that ticks can transmit Lyme Disease which can result in serious long-term health consequences.

Our professional applications are designed to control the manifestation of fleas and ticks in your outdoor living space.

Yes. We call this our Signature Gardens Service. Northeast Landscape Contractors will develop a custom half-day or whole-day plan to tackle all of your outdoor beautification projects. It is helpful to start making a list sorted by must-haves and nice-to-have projects. We will assist you in refining the list. Contact us today at 978-794-1010 to schedule a property walk-through and custom proposal.