Trimming/Pruning is an essential part of the landscaping process. Trees, bushes, shrubs, and plants can take up a large part of your landscape and when they die or become too big, they can look unappealing and take away from the aesthetic. Our professional team will trim your shrubs back to make them tighter and cleaner, while still remaining true to the shape they originally were.

The Trimming/Pruning Process

When it comes to pruning, we use a detailed, careful hand pruning approach. Our goal for pruning is to improve air circulation, allow light to reach the plant better, and keep the plant structure strong. Plants dictate the timing of pruning, and we are available to assist with this work whenever our customers (or their plants) need it. We recommend that you get your plants pruned during the end of winter or early spring. This allows for a better view of the plant structure and easier, more precise cuts. We will also, of course, clean up the leftover debris and leave the property looking better than when we arrived.

Additional Services:

Mowing and Weeding
Core Aeration
Plant Healthcare
Spring/Fall Clean Ups

Northeast Landscape Contractors of North Andover MA

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