Northeast Landscape Contractors will custom design an irrigation system to meet your property’s specific landscape needs. We will take into consideration, water pressure and gallons per minute, as well as plants and planting material. We are experienced in all types of irrigation, including, lawn, garden, and drip irrigation.

About Northeast Landscape Irrigation Services:

  • We install irrigation systems in a timely manner with minimal disruption to the lawn
  • We service and repair components of sprinkler systems
  • We offer upgrades or will add onto an existing system
  • We use a licensed plumber to tie the system into the residential water line
  • We install a backflow preventer to the system as required by the city or town public works department

Seasonal Services Offered

Spring Start-Up: We test your entire sprinkler system to ensure everything is in proper working order, identifying and reporting any issues.

Winterization Shut-Down: We shut down the sprinkler system for the winter by removing water in the system to prevent damage during the freezing cold. The price depends on the number of zones in your sprinkler system.