Northeast Landscape Contractors offers a number of new lawn options. From overseeding, sliceseeding and hydroseeding to sod lawns, we do it all! Options range in price with sod lawns being the most expensive. With sod, you get the beauty of instant grass but, it requires the most care for the sod to establish its root system in the soil.

Northeast Landscape only uses premium lawn seed manufactured specifically for the Northeast climate. We also source the best sod available for our customers, each year.

Mulch is an important part of any property’s landscaping. First, mulch looks great as a contrast to the bright colors of your lawn and plant life, but also it naturally makes it more difficult for weeds to grow and helps hold moisture in the roots of your plants. Ideally, mulch should be 2-3 inches deep and removal should be considered if it is more than 3 inches deep.

We offer three variations of mulch:

  • Premium Hemlock – comes in various shades of red, a very popular choice
  • Dark Bark – a nice, natural brown color
  • Midnight Black – black colored, lightens to a lighter shade of black in the sun, and provides a nice contrast with bright plant and lawn colors.

If your home’s landscaping could use a refreshing, new batch of mulch or even requires its removal contact Northeast Landscape Contractors today to schedule your project!

While you are thinking about mulch, you may want to consider the additional beauty one or more flower beds can add to your home’s outdoor environment. At Northeast Landscape, we will work with you to create a flower bed masterpiece. Our knowledgeable sales staff can recommend what flowers and other plantings will work best given the amount of sunlight and water your property typically gets during the season.

Over time, plantings become unruly and detract from the overall aesthetics of your home and yard. Periodic pruning is the best answer to keep your plantings in great shape. However, there are practical reasons beyond appearance to prune including:

  • Health – frequently removing old stems stimulates a plant to put energy into new growth
  • Air Circulation and Sunlight Reach – pruning allows needed air and light to reach the inner and lower leaves
  • Space for Plantings – removing lower limbs allows more room for additional plantings

Do your plants, shrubs or trees need pruning? Northeast Landscape Contractors offers professional pruning services in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Starting mid-year, we get many calls for our Perimeter Pushback service. This popular service reclaims and neatens your outdoor living space by pruning, shearing or cutting back woody or herbaceous growth from the perimeter of the property. All work is done from the ground, and we will cut up to wrist-size branches.Our service includes all labor, required equipment and debris removal. 

When the calendar flips to spring or fall, it’s time to schedule a clean up of all your maintained grass areas, beds, driveways, and walks. Between the leaves that build up on your property in the fall, and the aftermath of winter when spring rolls around, these are the two perfect times of year to schedule a clean up and get your property looking great again! We can come by once at the beginning of these key seasons, or we can schedule multiple visits to keep everything looking great throughout the spring and fall. We can also provide additional services such as mowing, core aeration, and more – the possibilities are endless.

If you are coming out of the doldrums of winter and your property shows it or you can’t even see your lawn under all of the leaves, contact Northeast Landscape Contractors today. We can discuss your needs and get your property looking great again.