Irrigation Services

Design / Install Systems

Northeast Landscape Contractors will custom design an irrigation system to meet your property’s specific landscape needs. We will take into consideration, water pressure and gallons per minute, as well as plants and planting material.

Provide Routine Maintenance

  • Spring start-up. (We will run through your entire system to ensure everything is in proper working order.)
  • Winterization. We will shut the system down for the winter by blowing all of the water out of it.

Repair, Remodel, or Upgrade Existing Systems

There have been several advancements in sprinkler systems over the last 10 years.  The biggest improvements have been made in rain sensors, control timers, and sprinkler heads.  Newer timers offer you much more flexibility in programming and watering areas of your lawn.  New designs of sprinklers and new nozzles offer a more even distribution of water over your entire lawn.  With the rising cost of water, these upgrades will allow you to save money and conserve water.  A rain sensor is another inexpensive way to save money, conserve water, and water your lawn more efficiently.   If you have a manual system, this is a good time to add a timer and to stop being a slave to your lawn.

As your landscape matures, shrubs over grow the planting beds, and new obstructions are added to your yard, such as; sheds, patios, decks and decorative walls.  Your sprinkler heads will need to be moved or adjusted. Northeast Landscape Contractors will be there to advise you of the appropriate adjustments and to complete the work in a timely manor.

Repair Examples

  • Timers – installed, adjusted and replaced
  • Broken lines repaired
  • Broken sprinkler heads replaced
  • Clogged heads cleaned and adjusted
  • Zone valves replaced or rebuilt
  • Low voltage wire replaced
  • Outdated systems updated
  • Backflow preventers installed, repaired or replaced
  • Drip systems repaired or replaced
  • Check all areas for proper coverage

Contact Northeast Landscape Contractors for all your irrigation service needs.