Fall Is For Planning – Fall Is For Planting!

Fall is one of the best times to enhance your outside space, either through new plantings or timely seasonal cleanups. Whatever your specific need, we are here to help.

Give New Plantings a Head Start

Plants like to concentrate on one thing at a time. In the fall, the leaves and branches of trees and shrubs have slowed or stopped growing. They are now able to refocus all of their energies toward developing their root systems. With established roots, these plants will be ready to thrive come spring. Planting them in the fall gives them the best chance to establish themselves for long-term success.

Leaf Removal

Typically, the biggest cleanup task at this time of year is leaf removal. Thick blankets of leaves left to lie can damage grass by blocking needed sunlight, thus weakening the turf’s viability. If left on the ground through the winter, fallen leaves can also render your lawn more susceptible to winter damage. 

Fall Bed Cleanup

Cutting back perennials and removing dead or dying branches from trees and shrubs will help prepare both for go-time in the spring. Plant beds are also notorious for collecting dead leaves, debris, and trash during the fall. These messes only get worse over the course of the winter. By the time the warm, wet spring rolls around, you’ll find yourself with mucky beds full of slime. In addition to being unsightly, unkempt plant beds are also breeding grounds for pests and fungus. 

Dormant Pruning

No matter what types of trees and shrubs you have, regular, professional pruning is a key to keeping them healthy. Proper pruning will help prevent structural problems, control decay or disease, and lessen the chances of wind and storm damage in severe weather.

While pruning can certainly be done any time of the year, most trees and shrubs respond best if they’re pruned in the fall or winter (while they’re dormant).

Pruning at this time doesn’t interfere with future buds or new growth, and it’s easier to see where pruning needs to take place after leaves have fallen. As the ground hardens with cooler weather, there’s less possibility of damaging your lawn. Plus, your family probably won’t be on your lawn as much, so pruning will cause less of a disruption than it would during the summer months.

If you have any questions about dormant pruning, please give us a call.

Act Now for a Brighter Spring!

Fall landscaping of any sort pays dividends in the spring. If you need help with a project large or small, get in touch, and we will be happy to talk about the best options for your property this autumn.

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