Fall Is For Planting

Do you have the perfect spot in mind for a new tree or grouping of shrubs? Maybe you lost a plant or some of your older shrubs need to be replaced because they’ve become overgrown. If you’re in a newer home, chances are there are still some parts of your master landscape plan to be installed. If you’re planning to move, your landscape may need a facelift before you put your home up for sale.

Whatever your situation, if you want to install trees or shrubs, fall is a great time to do it. The cooler weather and more plentiful moisture give landscape plants a chance to put out roots and get used to their new home before the stress of next summer’s heat and dryness is upon them. They’ll have an extra growing season to become established, and you’ll have the pleasure of seeing your new landscape plants bloom or leaf out next spring.

As with any landscaping project, it’s always a good idea to get professional advice and help. You’ll get top-quality results, your project will be done quickly, and your back muscles will suffer less as well!

Give Plant Beds a Second Wind

Tending to plant beds is a standard springtime task as you prep your landscape for a new growing season. By the time fall rolls around, plant beds are more than ready for an autumn refresh. After a long summer, mulch may have thinned due to erosion or become bleached by the sun. Summer annuals may have lost their luster. Your beds’ edges are likely not as razor-sharp as they were a few months ago, as your lawn’s turfgrass begins to encroach into your plant beds.

It’s easy to think of autumn as the end of the outdoor season. In reality, fall is arguably the nicest time of year, with months of pleasant weather to still be enjoyed. Extensive weeding and a fresh layer of mulch make a dramatic impact on your plant beds. In some cases, there’s room for a few fall annuals (such as mums) to brighten things up. Finally, a re-edging of your beds provides a clean line that separates your beds from your lawn.

A fall facelift for your plant beds is not as labor-intensive as their spring makeover, but it can be just as dramatic. Take advantage of these gorgeous months and give your beds an update for a spectacular fall finish!