Take Back Your Property Line

Having a wooded property is great in many ways, and we are fortunate that our area offers plenty of woodsy backyards. Over time, though, nature has a habit of encroaching, and before you know it, you’ll find that you have given up some real estate to overgrown trees and shrubs.

Invasive plants like bush honeysuckle are problematic because they dominate the understory in areas where they gain a foothold, but even trees and shrubs that were intentionally planted can become overgrown and limit your ability to make use of your landscape. If you feel like your property is getting a bit crowded, we recommend professional pruning to help push back the perimeter of your landscape.

Northeast Landscape Contractors offers professional pruning services that will increase the vitality and health of your shrubs and ornamental trees and keep your property line clear of unwanted overgrowth. For more information about how professional pruning can benefit your landscape, please contact us today.

Why Is Fall Planting the Best?

Did you know that turfgrass, spring-blooming bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs can all be effectively planted in the fall?

Cooler Weather, Happier Plants

In fact, fall has distinct planting benefits. Cooler air temperatures are easier on both plants and gardeners. The soil is still warm, allowing roots to grow until the ground freezes. Fall usually has more good days for planting than spring, when rain and other unpredictable weather can make working the soil difficult.

Fall Planting = Healthier Roots

Plants like to concentrate on one thing at a time. In the fall, the leaves and branches of trees and shrubs have slowed or stopped growing. They are now able to refocus all of their energies toward developing their root systems. With established roots, these plants will be ready to thrive come spring. Planting them in the fall gives them the best chance to establish themselves for long-term success. 

Keep newly planted trees or shrubs well-watered until the ground freezes, so they get a good start before going into full dormancy during winter. Watering fall-planted trees and shrubs during winter dry periods will greatly increase the odds of planting success.

Let us know if you have any questions about planting this fall. We’ll help you get a head start on a great landscape next spring.

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