A Healthy Lawn Is More Than Just Attractive

A lush, green lawn can be a beautiful sight. While gorgeous turf makes your whole property look great, grass has other benefits that go beyond cosmetic beauty. A lawn is made up of many tiny turf plants with leaves (blades) and roots. Both of these main parts of turf anatomy contribute to the well-being of your lawn.

A primary benefit of roots is the structure that they provide. Barren soil is very unstable and subject to erosion from both wind and water. As roots extend into the soil, they create a durable barrier that keeps soil secure and stationary. This makes grass especially practical on hillsides that could otherwise wash away during heavy rain. 

In addition to fortifying your landscape physically, turf’s natural processes of photosynthesis and transpiration provide oxygen while cooling the surrounding area. Turf leaves perform photosynthesis, a process that converts water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen. The transformation of  carbon dioxide into oxygen is something that all animal life relies on. 

A more immediate benefit is the cooling effect of transpiration. Plants need water to transport nutrients and keep themselves cool in hot weather. Once water has moved nutrients from the roots up to the leaves’ surface, transpiration occurs. This process can be thought of as plants “sweating” tiny droplets of water out of their leaves’ surface. In hot weather, these droplets evaporate, pulling heat from the air and cooling the lawn area.

A carpet of green grass looks great and feels good on your bare feet. The benefits of a healthy lawn, however, are much more than meets the eye.

Beat the Heat – Shade Your Outdoor Rooms!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to set the temperature on your patio to a comfortable 72 degrees all summer? While traditional air conditioning is neither effective nor efficient in an outdoor setting, there are several ways to beat the heat with an outdoor room. 

The most obvious way to cool things off is to create shade, and a pergola is a versatile choice. This wooden-framed structure, also known as an architectural arbor, often includes a latticework roof or trellis structure where climbing plants can be trained to grow. 

Shade can also be provided by partially surrounding the “room” with shrubs or bushes. In addition to blocking the sun, plants naturally cool the air around them, adding comfort to nearby living spaces.

Finally, many outdoor rooms with a roof can be fitted with a ceiling fan, which can bring a shady breeze where there was once scorching heat.

Rising temperatures are no reason to give up on outdoor living. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you create the perfect space where you can take back your summer. 

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