Rejuvenate Your Patios and Walkways

All surfaces eventually get dirty – and well-trafficked areas like patios and walkways are no exception. It’s easy for anyone to clean patio furniture, but cleaning and repairing your patio itself might be a job for Northeast Landscape.

Our hardscape rejuvenation service includes pressure washing of all surfaces to remove grime, dirt and mold that can grow on your pavers and in any crack or crevice. We will do a visual inspection of your pavers and mortar joints in order to repoint sunken pavers and re-joint paver areas.

If your patio or walkway could use a clean look, call us to schedule our rejuvenation services today.

Professional Pruning for Optimum Plant Health

Your landscape’s trees and shrubs will grow naturally, but the right pruning can go a long way to improve their appearance and health, especially your flowering plants.


  • To improve a plant’s appearance and help it keep the right shape.
  • To prompt new growth. Plants respond to pruning by growing. Pruning also maximizes flowers and fruit. Pruning is very important for newly transplanted plants to balance the foliage with what the roots can support.
  • To increase the plant’s health by removing dead, diseased or insect-infested wood. Thinning also increases air circulation and light to inner branches to prevent disease.
  • For safety. Pruning removes weak branches that could fall and hurt people or damage property.

The best time to prune varies, depending on the kind of plant and when and where flowers appear. If blooms grow on shoots from the current season, like many kinds of roses, you need to prune before the plant blooms. If blooms grow on wood from the previous year, like the forsythia, or on wood that is two or more years old, like the apple tree, you need to prune immediately after blooming. It’s important to prune these plants before buds set for the next season.