Looking Ahead to Summer Entertaining!

It’s time to think about your plans for outdoor summer entertaining. Getting ready for long, enjoyable evenings with family, neighbors and friends starts by accessing your outdoor living areas. If you are looking to expand your entertaining spaces, now is the best time to start the conversation with our landscape design team.

We can help with many aspects of your landscape, and here are a few ideas to consider.

Paver Patios

Is your outdoor living and entertaining space big enough to comfortably fit everything you like to do? Do you favor small gatherings, or do you want to be the place where everyone wants to hang out? Thinking through all the things you enjoy doing on your patio or deck can help you begin to imagine how it could be improved or possibly expanded.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Fireplaces create a natural focal point for every backyard landscape. Outdoor fireplaces and smaller outdoor fire pits are the perfect party features for socializing long after the sun goes down. Let us help you find the right fire feature for your space and keep the party going year-round.

Landscape Lighting

Great for both the front and back yards, landscape lighting is useful for more than just aesthetics. Landscape lighting ensures better safety and allows you to continue your fun long into the night. It is especially important to consider good lighting on paths from the front to the back yard, so guests can clearly see where they’re stepping.

Don’t Forget Spring Plantings

If you look around your home landscape and feel like it’s time for a transformation on your property, we are ready to help.

Flowering ornamental trees create a focal point in the landscape. Well-placed shrubs fill in much of the space in our landscapes. Perennials vary from tidy to wild, and we can find the right perennials to enhance any landscape.

If you need help preparing your yard for summer parties, just give us a call. Our professional design team will help create a unique landscape space that turns your vision into a reality. If you are looking to have a landscape ready for summer, we strongly encourage you to start the process now.