Shape Your Outdoor Spaces

Warm weather and long summer days beg to be enjoyed; unfortunately, we often allow these gorgeous days to go unappreciated. By taking time this winter to plan new landscaping and hardscaping, you can be sure to not miss out on your property’s full potential. Your outdoor spaces can extend your home’s living area and give you plenty of reasons to venture outside.

Although it may be frigid outside now, staying cool outdoors will be a priority once summer arrives. During the hottest days, shaded outdoor areas can be comfortable and inviting. Shade can be provided by partially surrounding the “room” with shrubs or bushes, or it can be introduced by adding a new structure. In addition to blocking the sun, plants naturally cool the air around them. 

While cool comfort is a must, the specific design and use of your new outdoor space is entirely up to you. Whether you want the space to be for socializing, cooking or quiet relaxation, once you determine the primary function of the new room, you can flesh out the details of how it will all fit together.

While your immediate budget may not allow for high-end features like a gourmet outdoor kitchen or the posh cabana complete with wet bar and HDTV, remember that not everything needs to be done at once. With the proper help, you can use this winter to formulate a plan to add elements in stages over time. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you create the perfect space where you can take back your summer.

Mulch: More Than Meets The Eye

Nothing says springtime like a fresh layer of mulch on all of your plant beds. Mulch visually unifies your entire property. It gives your plant beds a uniform appearance and makes the colors of new flowers really pop.

In addition to its cosmetic value, the benefits of mulch are much more than meets the eye. Most immediately, mulch drastically reduces (in some cases, eliminates) weeds in your plant beds. Without access to air and sunlight, weed seeds do not have the opportunity to germinate and grow. The physical barrier provided by mulch halts their growth process.

Mulch also absorbs and retains water, which aids your irrigation efforts. In hot weather, water has difficulty soaking into hard, dry soil and will often run off and never reach its intended destination (plant roots). Mulch soaks up water like a sponge and allows it to slowly permeate the soil surface, efficiently delivering it to your plants.

Finally, mulch acts as an insulator that helps regulate soil and root temperatures in both hot and cold weather. This protects your living landscaping from some of the shock of extreme temperatures. 

There is no denying that rich, dark mulch looks amazing. In addition to this, mulch reduces weeds, increases irrigation efficiency, and protects your plants from harsh weather. The economic and practical benefits of mulch are great for your lawn and garden!

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