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Planning Your Patio

The first step to realizing your home’s outdoor living potential is establishing your patio area. The size, shape, and location of your patio area will define the overall layout of your new space and should be well thought out. How will your patio accommodate foot traffic from your house or your lawn? Where do you anticipate your seating areas to be located? How much square footage will you need to accommodate all the furniture and features that you would like? Envisioning a layout that best fits with home and existing landscape is the key first step in patio planning.

With the basics in place, you can continue to fine-tune your new patio with features such as permanent seating, living landscaping, fire elements and furniture. This allows you to flesh out the details of your new area and tailor it to fit your style as well as your favorite activities. Patios allow you to turn empty outdoor space into a comfortable living area. Mindful planning allows you to make your new patio the best it can be.

Mulch Season

Most of us think of mulch as something there to make the ground look good. With a clean edging job, fresh mulch does just that. The consistent color and texture do improve the looks of your shrubs and flowers. In fact, dark-colored mulches even widen the pupil of the eye, making bright plants stand out even more. Mulching also cuts down on the amount of time and effort needed to keep your beds and your whole property looking good throughout the entire season. Here are some of the advantages of spring mulching.


  • Prevent many weeds and grasses from sprouting by blocking sunlight from the soil
  • Keep up to 21% more moisture in the soil around the root zone
  • Help soil stay up to 10 degrees cooler in summer, which reduces stress on plants

What’s the best mulch to use? There’s a variety of mulch material available, and you can buy in bulk from your landscaper who can professionally install it. Your choice will probably depend on wha?s available and your personal preference for color and texture. Whatever type of mulch you prefer, it’s best to get an early start for the most benefits. Mulch now for an easier and more attractive season later.